The Tokyo national musium

On Tuesday, April 23rd We went to the Ueno national museum(東京国立博物館)and the Ueno zoo(上野動物園)with all 6graders. went to school at 8 o clock so we can catch the train to go to ueno in tokyo japan.   We used the Keihintohoku line(京浜東北線) for 2 hours to go to ueno from Yokohama. We played video games listening to music on the iPod-touch. It was quite a long train ride from Motomachi Chukagai station (元町中華駅) in Yokohama to Ueno station (上野駅) in tokyo.


After seeing the animals at the Ueno Zoo, When we got there and we walked to the front of the museum, Mr.Guenther gave us a sheet of paper to write the information of what you saw. everyone got a buddy to go inside the museum, and I went with my friend Joi. We walked inside wondering around what to write about and finally found four things. Me and Joi found and wrote four things from one of the exhibition. After going back out to the meeting area, everyone got together, and start walking with the whole 6th grade to the station. When we got to the Ueno station, we divided into people who are going home from Ueno station and people who are going home from Motomachi chukagai station.

That was the end of the trip and it was my first time going on a trip with my friends.

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