Effects of Film shots


We are studying about effective film shots in English class which we focused on What are the effects of different film shots? First we made a groupe of four people with me Mark, Charlie and Sho. we went to the roof of the school and chose a right place to take a film shot. The first picture we took was Charlie standing and looking down to us which we were taking it from below. Mark accidentally erased this picture but we decided to take the same picture again and this is the picture we took.

“Charlie’s madness” Low angle shots.

The main type of film shots we focused on was:

  1. Low angle shots
  2. Over shoulder shots
  3. Long distance shots
  4. Extreem close up shots

I will show the rest of the pictures we took based on the types above.

1, “Chats”

An over shoulder shot with me and Charlie in it.

For this picture, me and Charlie are chatting beside the fence on the roof of a building. at the first time we saw this image, we thought it looked like me and Charlie are kissing…………. then we tried to erase it but after all, we thought it was fine so we saved it.

2,”The Gold Rush”

A long distance shot with me, Charlie and Sho.

The reason why I named it “The Gold Rush” is because it looked like me and Charlie are  rushing/running for gold and Sho is sad because maybe he was late for the rush. The only thing is, it was at a roof of a building …… .


The third picture we took, I was gonna call it “I Spy” because it was a extreem close up shot of an Eye. Unfortunately, we erased that picture because someone said it looks diskusting.

The two things I learned was:

  • You can make your film shot effective by changing the angles of the camera.
  • You can make your film shot effective by changing the distance of the camera.
It was quite of fun, and I like taking pictures and filming things.





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