A trip to the Ueno Zoo

On April 23rd 2013, Me and the whole sixth grade took a field trip to Ueno Zoo (上野動物園)in Tokyo. The main purpose was to study about how animals live and how they get treated in the man made environment. The day before we left the school, we decided an animal to research and write about. I chose a Gorilla to look at.


8:15 AM in The morning going to the Zoo, all the sixth graders met our homeroom teacher Mr.Fedley at the school playground. one thing I thought it wasn’t a bad idea was, I brought more than enough snacks and I couldn’t eat all of them.

We left the school at 8:30 AM and headed to Ishikawa cho station(石川町駅). We took the keihintohoku line train(京浜東北線)to Ueno station(上野駅).


Me and other kids from sixth grade first headed to each of there researching animal around for example, Kangaroos and Gibbons. At last, we headed to the animal I was researching. I took some pictures of the Gorillas and filled the sheet of paper we had to do. The thing we did After this was the highlight of the day. Me and my friends found a big Elefant sculpture made out of metal, and climbed up and played on it. heres some pictures of it(down).









It wasn’t a bad trip and me and my friends learned allot of stuff from the trip to the Zoo.



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