What happens when one country controls another?

What happens when one country controls another?

When an empire colonises another country,  the empire gets bigger and bigger with all the property/land, weapons, gold, iron, cole, oil and all kinds of things that are important. The empire also rules the people o the people will not be able to live like they did before, for example following their own culture.

Colonised country

The positive things are:  That their technology or their science might become more advanced from the new empire.

The negative things are:  That they might not be able to follow their own culture that they used to follow and they lose their ability to make there own rules for living everyday.

Country coloniser

The positive things are:  That they can find and get more land/property, natural resources, cole and oil for the coloniser country to live better.

The negative things are:  That they need a lot of money and resources to have a war for taking over the country.

this is an example of when England took over Kenya.

Before getting colonised (top)

After getting colonised (bottom)



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