My Journey of apartheid

“Apartheid” was a time when many black South Africans suffered living their life’s.

Starting the unit of apartheid in English class, we started out by a unit question :
What are the relationships between the text and the world

This is where the journey begins.
It was when Ms.Cox showed us pictures of the apartheid in South Africa. She told us all that the journey is going to make your research skills better. The pictures she showed us were a really good key pictures for the start of the journey.

We kept walking and walking through the path until we walked into pages…..pages meaning the app that the apple owns on a macbook. So we made a magazine article about South Africa apartheid. Which needed a lot of research to do, and it actually improved my researching skills.

My magazine article actually turned out to be one of the shorter ones, but I thought I did a fine job researching and writing about the apartheid in South Africa on my magazine article. I think I could have improved on being more organised with the lay out of where things go in the article so it would actually look like an article. Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.18.02 AM

We kept walking the path… then we finally could take a break. We were gonna watch the movie “invictus” This movie was about what happened after Nelson Mandela got freed from prison in 2/11 1994. The movie really showed me how powerful it was and  during the time in South Africa even though the movie was only based on a true story. 4727829740_8ea1ecd3d1_o

Right after that around the corner, the book called “Journy to Jo’Burg” was waiting for us.
This book was  also based on true events during the South African colonisation.


The book, was about when Nelson Mandela was still in prison and wasn’t freed yet, so people were really mad and had a time of fire. I actually had a little late start of reading the book, so I had to catch up and read it in one day. The book  really showed me how much difference there was between the non-whites and the whites and how the non-whites kids were only learning how to be a maid, because they only have two choices what they want to be when they grow up, either a gold miner or a maid for working at whites houses.

Reading and watching were only the fun ones…developing a part from the book and rewriting it was right on the building straight ahead. There was a woman in the story called Grace. She was the one who helped the two children that went to Johannesburg to find their mom. The two children were called Naledi and Tiro. Once Grace brought the two kids to her home for them to stay, Grace told them a story that she never ever told anyone except for her children. It was about the Soweto uprising. So we had to develop that part of the story to your own words.

Right at the last path we were going through, this actually was a surprising story. My homeroom teacher had a friend from South Africa. He was white and he was a P.E teacher in Taiwan. This was I think the most interesting part of this whole history and was unexpected. His name was Shane Chaunas(shãnus). We had to think for a couple of questions to ask when we listen to him. He explained about his life in apartheid life and when he was working and training in the army. I think the whole grade was really lucky that we could listen to a actual guy that went through apartheid.

This is basically what we did and what we went through for this assessment. It was kind of sad that Nelson Mandela died right after we finished the South African colonial history magazine article. I thought of this after all, what would it be like, when you were divided by the government and was in a demonstration  with others. This was a question that was asked to Shane and he said, “I’ve never actually thought of that.”  I first thought he was going to say something interesting but I guess the whites just lived how they were and never actually thought of something like that.

After all, I think the relationships between the text and the world is, what is true or not. This might seem really obvious, but I think this is really important because when the South African government lied to the world about how many people died in the Soweto uprising, it can make people from other countries think there was no such big deal.
The text world can almost write anything, but that “anything” can affect the real world, for example the book called Black Beauty black beauty

This book was banned just because of the word “Black” in it.




















Kent’s 7B showcase portfolio

This is my showcase portfolio for 7th grade.


I communicated in P.E with my team mates when we were playing international football games with other teams in my grade.  International football

I was able to communicate with my partner during French class while we were working on the script for a presentation.          Photo on 2-18-14 at 6.51 AM

I communicated with my friends during science class when we were doing a experiment.
Rock  separation


I helped and cared about my friend when he was building his own building in minecraft during the Humanities Renaissance minecraft building project, so he could finish the project soon.   Minecraft renaissance building info

Open Minded

I was open minded in technology class by thinking and giving each other ideas, when we were deciding what we could build in a theme park in minecraft.

I was able to be open minded during drama class when we were giving each other ideas of cons(bad things) about social networking.   Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.29.28 AM


Visual Art
I was a thinker during art class because I thought about a couple ideas I can use for when I’m going to draw shadows on the road of my drawing.

I was a thinker when me and my partner try to think of a blues song lyrics.

I was a thinker during English class when I thought of a little dramatic ending in a story I was writing.    Grace’s story (a story about the time of apartheid in South Africa)

I was a thinker when I had to write a script about a traditional Japanese play that me and my partner was going to perform in front of the class.


I was inquiring during Math class by asking questions about the assessment we were going to do so I understand clearly what is going on.   Pythagorus