Make your mark (line drawing) reflection

I have been working on a landscape drawing in the unit in visual art class using line drawing techniques.
This is my final drawing compare to the actual image. (below)

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.25.29 AM

Kent's Visual Art drawing


Title : The Rockies

We started this unit by thinking or giving ideas of different types of line drawing techniques we could use, for example “Stippling”, “curves”, “zigzags”, “Hatching”, “Crosshatching” and “Dots”. We looked at a line drawing example and measured the amount of white areas and black areas there are. We also looked at how shadows are made and practiced drawing shadows on objects to make it look more realistic using hatching, stippling, scumbling and short-hatch. (below)
photo 1 copy 2 photo 1 photo 2

Then we used a drawing of Vincent Van Gogh as another example to practice using the techniques we learned.
photo 2 copy 2This is actually only 40% of the whole original drawing that I was supposed to draw but I think it went pretty well, but another practice drawing I did was using a picture that one of my classmates decided to draw.
photo 2 copyAt last, was planning. This required a couple of practices and few thumbnails to prepare for the actual drawing at the last.
photo 1 copyThis image is only one of them, but I drew a couple of boxes in a page in my sketchbook and described each line techniques and where it would be in the drawing. I also used tracing papers to practice a mini version of the actual drawing and get an idea of where and how I would use the line techniques.

There are four areas that I think I can improve for this line drawing project.

First is, my time management skills. This project was actually due the first day after spring break and I was planning to do it sometime during the break, and I ended up doing it 4 days before break ends. I honestly couldn’t have done it in the beginning of the break because of all the plans I had. Although I don’t think I did really well for my time management for practicing and planning. I completed all in one day instead of doing a couple each day for example my little thumbnails for getting the idea of where in the drawing am I going to use the techniques. So I think I need to be more organised with my time management next time

Second is, my planning skills. Like I said, I didn’t do a great job at managing the time I was going to practice, and I also didn’t do a great job at how much I am going to plan and how much time I was going to put in. I thought I was prepared and I wasn’t thinking of practicing a lot, but that was a mistake and that made me become unorganised. Thinking that I could do it fine and finish it fine was a wrong thing to do, so I would definitely think about how I plan and how organised I am about that.

Third is, how much effort I put in. I put in a lot of effort in to the drawing itself, but the one part where I didn’t plan very well and didn’t put much effort into is the big dark shadow of a hill reflecting in the water.
Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 9.24.26 PMI first started thinking I was okay, and I went along just trying the techniques that I thought it would fit to the part but I realised that it looked a bit weird and it didn’t look like a reflection at all, and later on I felt that I could’ve done better because I had another technique that is for drawing reflections in water, but forgot to use it because I wasn’t organised like I said. I of course put in a lot of effort into the drawing, but this was the one part that I didn’t as much all the other parts.

After all, I think I really need to be more organise for everything so I’m ready for it. It’s not that I didn’t put any effort into it, it’s just I wasn’t ready but I told myself that I was ready. Being not prepared could cause a lot of change to your grades sometimes. it can even affect your report card, so I will definitely make sure that I am ready and organised about planning.

Even though I didn’t do a super job at planning and being organised, overall I think I did a good job at using various techniques for certain areas so it’s clear for the view what it is. I enjoy drawing as a something I’ve doing since I was little, and I enjoyed doing this project too

Chapitre 6

Activity 1

1. Elle vas aller à mon cours de danse, et faire les magasins.
2. C’est Vendredi matin et apres midi.
3. concert, zoo et louvre.
4. Faire une promenade au palais de Chaillot, la tour Eiffel, faire un tour dans un bateau-mouche.
5. They can’t agree on what kind of movie they want to watch.

Activity 2

1. Faux
2. Vrais
3. Vrais
4. Faux
5. Faux

Activity 3

Mathieu :
aller voir un film d’horreur
aller à un concert
aller au zoo
aller au musée
Isabelle :
faire un tour en bateau
faire une promenade au palais de Chaillot
aller au Sacré-cœur
aller voir un film comique

Activity 4

1. Isabelle refuse d’aller au concert.
2. Mathieu propose d’aller au zoo.
3. Mathieu ne veut pas faire de promenade.
4. Isabelle propose d’aller au palais de Chaillot.
5. Isabelle propose d’aller au Sacré-cœur.
6. Isabelle accepte d’aller au cinéma.

Activity 5

1. aller au concert de Patrick Bruel?
d. je n’ai pas envie.

2. aller au Louvre?
c. je n’aime pas trop les musées.

3. aller au zoo?
a. je déteste les zoos.

4. aller voir Dracula?
b. je préfère aller voir un film comique.

Activity 6
I don’t really want to go to a big concert because I’ve never been to one before and I don’t really want to go anyway, but I would prefer going to the movies because I like watching movies when I’m bored and it really doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not outside.