Japanese music composition

My task in music class was, compose a 16 measure original melody using one of the Japanese pentatonic scales (In-sen and Hirajoushi) and this is my final song I composed. (below)

For my final product, I used the in-sen pentatonic scale, and all the Japanese techniques in my melody. This is the notes for this melody. (below)

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

As you see here, I used more than 4 Japanese techniques in my melody. shan, shan-shan, atooshi and kororin.

The notes of the shan used in the 8th major is E,F and E,F. The shan shan used in the 13th major is C,C and C,C. The kororin used in the 14th major is F, C C.Finally, the ato-oshi used in the 15th major is C.

The unit question “what makes music sound like it belongs to a part of the world?” The difference between Japanese traditional music and western music is obviously a huge difference. Japanese traditional music has it’s own melody and the tempo is very slow. But western music like rock and jazz, it is much faster. Japanese music also has it’s own pentatonic scale like the blues has it’s own scale too. Having it’s own Japanese traditional pentatonic scale makes them different because it’s sort of decided and almost all Japanese traditional music are composed by simular/same melodies. Compare to western music, it is kind of variety and there is no proper scale to it, so that makes Japanese music sound like it belongs to japan.

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