Humanities Yokohama History project Reflection

I did a presentation about the history of Yokohama in Humanities class and this was my question that I researched on “How did popular sports change before and after the westerns came?” and to summarise it up, A lot of traditional sports that was played in Japan was mostly insivisual sports, like sumo, martial arts and bow and arrow. But after The westerns brought more and more sports to Japan such as Baseball, Soccer and Rugby as a general team sports that was introduced. So thats leads to the conclusion “Japanese started playing team sports after the westerns came” to make it simple “Japanese started playing team sports after the westerns came.

Slide 1 : My question of this project is, “How did popular sports change before and after the westerns came.” and I chose this question because I was of course interested in sports and I wondered what people actually played before and after open port and when all these sports came to Japan.


Slide 2 : Starting with how sports came to Japan, one of the most popular sports in Japan Baseball was first introduced to Japan in 1872 by Horace Wilson Who taught Kaisei School in Japan. Baseball was a popular sports since the first baseball team was established in 1878 and was called the Shinbashi Athletic Club. The NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) was established in 1936.


Slide 3 : There are many sports events that happened here in Yokohama such as, the first Yokohama marathon starting at Yamashita park in 1981, the 2009 triathlon world championship Yokohama, and the FIFA club world cup 2011 Yokohama.


Slide 4 : Going back my question “how did popular sports change before and after the westerns came? The original sports that were played in Japan were popular with both participants and spectators.


Slide 5 : Starting from the edo period, sumo, of course started to become popular and the kamakura period was a starting point for many martial arts like “kyudo” (bow and arrow), hunting and inuoimono (dog chasing)


Slide 6 : After the meiji restoration, various kinds of sports were introduced into Japan. Playing sports was adopted as a school activity, and matches between universities and highschools became popular in Japan.


Slide 7 : track and field, baseball, football, rugby, ice skating and etc were introduced in the 1870s. In 1911 skiing was introduced to the army by an Austrian. There were also minor sports like ping pong and fencing.


Slide 8 : A lot of sports spectators start to say that they would rather stay at home if they could watch for free.but, as it actually increased interest, watching sports on television became popular.


Slide 9 : Many sports were introduced by the westers in such as golfing, figure skating, racing (especially auto racing) and soccer. Japan professional football league also gained popularity after the foundation in 1992. It became one of the most successful football league in asia.

Slide 10 : As a result of Japan opening up to the west, and introduced team sports, therefore many people could participate, and now team sports mostly became popular in Japan. Of course not all of the new sports introduced was a team sport like fencing, tennis and pingpong.


Overall, I think I explained the answer to the question well, which is how in changed but I think I actually only explained a little bit about the answer so I think I that will be what I should improve on after all.