Buddhism-Meditating and writing the sutra

What did you learn during the day?

I learned that every Buddhists when they decide to believe in Buddhism and decide to become a monk, they write there holy text. The sutra. I also learned The proper way of meditating – you straighten your backbone, put your hands together in a form of circle separating your thumb and other four fingers top and bottom resting your left four fingers on top of your right four fingers.

What did you enjoy or find difficult?

I first found difficult discussing about what life is and what it means. It was very hard to come up with an answer to the question.

I really enjoyed meditating since I got some rest by relaxing my self and keeping my mind blank, although it was a bit hard to keep my eyes half open even though I had them closed the whole time.

What was the purpose of the meditation and the sutra copying? How did you find the experience?

I think the purpose of meditation is to relax your body muscles and have a moment of peacefulness for yourself. By sitting down, closing your eyes half way and thinking about nothing with a blank mind, that helps you refresh your mind and yourself.

From what I remember, the sutra copying is for fresh Buddhists who just started becoming one, and for people who decided to believe in Buddhism.

After experiencing them, I found the experience very interesting meaning it’s not what we normally do, so it took some time for me to get used to it but I think it still was a great experience for all of us.

What impact does Buddhism have on our lives and the lives of people who live in Japan?

I think that Buddhism has a very positive affect on our lives, because of the ten precepts and  people could learn well from Buddhists. I also think that there is a connection between Japanese culture and Buddhism, since Japanese culture teaches people how to be very respectful to others and so does Buddhism, so I think that Buddhism might of affected respect on the lives of people who live in Japan.