Comparing levels of development between two countries

For the unit on development indicators in humanities class, we are doing an assessment on compare and contrast two country’s level of development and the changes that happen over time between the two countries I choose. The countries I have chosen is a country from Africa called Sierra Leone and the United States of America.

The first thing I compared was the total fertility rate (Children per woman) from 1800 to 2012. These two countries both started off with a high number as the USA average was seven children per woman and Sierra Leone was 6 children per woman. As time passes, the United States average slowly drops down as Sierra raises to 7 suddenly after 1950 and drops all the way down to 5 children in 2012. In the mean time the USA raises back to 3.4 children in the 1960s and ends up as 2 children in 2012.

The second thing I compared was the child mortality rate (0~5  yea olds dying  per 1000 born). This one stays the same as USA : 329 children and Sierra : 514. This could have been caused by the diseases that spread during the time period and how much food or healthy drinks Sierra could afford to all the children. The United States keeps dropping as 1900 approaches and in the mean time Sierra slowly goes down to 182 children per 1000 born possibly caused by the charity organisations that established as more wealthy countries noticed the poor countries and wanted to help them. The united states also slowly drops down as 1900 approaches and reaches 180 children, but suddenly jumps up to 239 children as the world war started. The United States grows and grows as the country develops more and more, and ends up at only 7 children in 2012.
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The third thing I compared was the life expectancy over the 1900s to 2o12. The United States starts off with a life expectancy of 70 years while Sierra Leone is 31 years. This could be caused by the amount of food or healthy drinks the country or the people can afford to live. Sierra raises all the way up to 41 years in the 1980s but drops back down to 36 years in 1994. The life expectancy in Sierra Leone raises back up to 40 years in the 2000s and ends up as 45 years in 2011. In the mean while the USA slowly grows up to 79 years at the end of 2011.

At last, I compared the population growth of these two countries. They both start off with a percentage of United States of America : 1.7% and Sierra Leone : 1.6%. The United States doesn’t grow much as it stays at around 1% as it eventually reaches 2012 and never shows a major change. Sierra Leone keeps its balance at around 2% until it suddenly raises to 3%. It wildly drops down to -0.8% in the 1990s and slowly raises back up to 5%. At last it ends up near whee it started off which was around 2%.

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Round the World in Eighty Days book review

What would you do if you made a bet that you will go around the world in 80 days before the time of airplanes, and ended up trying to save a woman who is about to be burned to death? Round the World in Eighty Days is a book that takes place in the late 1800s, written by Jules Verne about a very mysterious and rich man called Mr. Phileas Fogg who lives in England and makes a 1.6 million pound bet that he could go around the world in eighty days. Mr. Fogg travels around the world using steamer boats and railway trains, and ends up facing the worst of the worsts. The reason why I like this book is because of the thrilling and heart pounding situations I feel when reading it. These situations makes me feel thrilled, and my heart starts pounding because it draws me in, and make me want to read more and more and find out what is going to happen next. Another reason why I like this book is because of the mysteries it contains. All these mysteries I read about earlier in the book makes me question my self a lot and really makes me want to continue reading even further. Finally, the reason is because the reader gets to experience what it’s like to be in various parts of the world. Since Mr. Fogg and his servant Jean Passepartout go through an adventure in different parts of the world in all continents, we get to explore more and because of the thrilling type of language Jules uses, it’s almost as if you are inside the book with them. In conclusion, I recommend reading this book because every single element in the text is exciting and will pull you into the book and make you want to discover even further as you read. All this thrill you feel throughout the book is caused by Mr.Fogg’s risks he has taken and it indicates how danger all these risks are. The calmness and the confidence shown by Phileas Fogg may be the reason why he does not fail with the risks he take. The expression “hedge your bets” means that whatever risk you decided to take, think of how you can reduce the bad outcomes. After all, I think this book is about taking risks in life but think before you act and hedge your bets.