Comparing Poetry and Ads

For this unit in English class, we’ve been studying about how language and visual language can have an affect on people’s emotions or how they think. Poems and advertisements are good examples of a type language that affects many people. I’m sure that a lot of people have seen an advertisement that really caught your attention, and made you rethink about something that you had been doing for a while, but you never notice how these work and how just words can change how one thinks. Poetry can also have an emotional affect on you, but mostly involves imagination and creativity which makes you think deeper and deeper about what a poem can actually mean.

There are many types of techniques an advertisement could use to draw people’s attentions for example, hyperbole. Hyperbole is a technique used to over exaggerate a statement to make it sound more impressive. This could push the readers into a corner, and make them think that there is no way out and they are trapped inside. Another example is emotive language. This technique could leave the readers in a very dramatic emotion, because it is very clear and confident. An example of an emotive language is “We must do something now” or “no one can escape”. An ad cannot be complete just by using language. It needs good use of space. You need to be able to know where to place the different elements required in the ad in order to do what you want it to do. You might also need to decide the proportion of the different elements used for example, how big or small the text is, or the image is.

All of these techniques come together and form a very effective advertisement that could move people in different ways, or even control their mids.

Poetry, another very effective way of using language has been around for decades. Poetry can be very effective in many ways such as how deep in could be, or how it uses the back of your brain to dig up what the poet is really trying to say. Ads mostly focus on convincing people, although poems are different. A poem usually has a message deep inside and involves creative thinking. The most common techniques used in a poem are rhymes, metaphors and similes

Overall, poems and ads use many different techniques to get people to understand what their message is, and what they want to tell the readers or the viewers. Compare to other possible scenarios like music or movies, poetry and ads are the only scenarios that effectively use these techniques to move people.