Music class summative reflection

In music class we’ve been working on creating a rock song, and as a group of three, we had to come up with a chord, melody and a drum beat in the background.

Working as a part of a group is something that we do all the time, and I’ve gotten used to communicating with others in order to effectively and productively get our tasks done. I’ve learned from this experience that you should never give up on what you’ve been working on just because it is bad, or because you didn’t like it. You should always try to talk to your group mates, ask for help and figure out a solution to the problem.

The one problem we had, was coming up with an effective melody, chord and a beat on Garageband. This was a problem because there was so many things you could do, and choose from on Garageband but after discussing and arguing about it for a while, we were able to make a decision that we were going to perform it live.

I think that the happy thing about this project was that you can work together with someone else, and the idea of creating a rock song which is what we like to listen to everyday. The one bad thing about this project was that you had a limited time to come up with a proper melody, chord and a beat so it would come out like a rock song.

I think that I should know better about organisation if I would to redo this project in the future. Me and my other mates were successful at bad at deciding which day and what time we will meat up to work on/finish up the project.