Creating a found poem

In English class, we have created our own ad / poem using pathos – words that emotionally affects one’s feelings or mind. After finishing our unit on this, we have been assigned to choose two pages from a book we’ve read or we are currently reading, and create a poem using sentences and lines directly pulled out from the two pages.

I have chosen to use a book called The Body by a famous writer named Stephen King. This book is about three close friends who are ready to challenge themselves to do anything, and are adventurous. These three adventurers hear about a dead body that has been seen in the forrest near their town. They decide to go look for it, but they discover how cruel life can be.

The theme for my poem is : There are times in life when you cannot resist using violence. The mood is depressing, furious and horrific. Followed by the mood, the tone I have chosen is a traumatic or  traumatising tone.

The sun had begun to sail in and out

I liked the heavy way it sat in my hand

I pointed the gun and squeezed

the gun jumped in my hand

it felt as if my wrist was broken

my heart was in my mouth


resting upside down on the ground

appearing out of the bushes was a single, pale, white hand

Vern’s just imagining it all, that’s all

At the bottom of the bank was a boggy, smelly mess

the birds knew as well

they seemed to appear from nowhere

and fill the sky with cries

the storm was getting close now