Persuasive speech reflection

Clip #13 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I felt as though I did well on giving good reasons to support my statement. I gave three clear reasons that make sense, and I think that this has raised the persuasiveness of my speech. I also felt as though I did good on my voice projection. I think that I have spoke in a balanced volume (not too loud, but not too soft).

I think that I could have improved on where I’m looking. I could’ve faced the audience more often, instead of looking up, down and sideways. Although this could’ve been because I was trying to figure out what I want to say, and could not concentrate by just standing still, I think that this had been a distraction to the audience. I could also work on talking smoothly, and not getting stuck on words.

An example of how I could use a persuasive speech in my current life, is when I ask my parents to get me something. For example if I wanted a gaming console, I would write a semi-formal persuasive speech with productive and appropriate reasons to support why I want and need a gaming console. An example of how I could use a persuasive speech in the future, is when you are asking your boss at work to give you permission to do a certain thing. I would use formal language.

I think that learning how to prepare a speech is a very useful lifeskill. Being able to present a speech, is a proper form that make sense will effect how the audience feels about you and how the message transfers to the audience’s mind. A good speech can emotionally move someone, and even change their mind and life.