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Drama Journal 1 :

For the past two weeks of class, we have started working on how relationships and roles and status work in Drama. Relationships, are not only the love relationships we have, as what we normally think of when the word “relationship” is mentioned. They aren’t only that, but they are also an extremely important aspect of life. Relationships are something we cannot live without, and is the definition of what makes us who we are. For example : lovers, parents and child, siblings, friends, teacher and student, teammates, colleagues, and celebrities and fans. The reason why you are who you are right now, is 100% because of the relationships that you have with your surrounding people, and how the relationships are between the people you are surrounded with.

Roles are who you are, and your position in the skit of which you’ve mentally and physically dedicated yourself to be as. A role doesn’t necessarily have to be a human. It can be a thing, or an animal. For example if you are doing a skit where a bench, is not getting along with an elderly. In this case, the bench is not only a thing, but it is a character that has developed a role. Another example is a pet dog and it’s owner. It doesn’t matter if the dog talks or not. It is still a living thing, that has a relationship with it’s owner. This is when status comes in. The status of someone, is the level of highness in society. If you are an employee at chipotle, you have a lower status than the boss, because you have less control over what you want to do. We have done a couple of activities where we have to choose the person with the lower status, and the one with the higher status in a pair. The lower person did not have any control over what he/she was doing, as opposed to the higher person who got to tell the lower person to do anything he/she wanted him/her to do. The Lower person could not argue, and had to complete the request given by the higher person.



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