Nature vs Nurture discussion

My understanding of the Nature vs Nurture debate.

I think that the way you are constructed and who you’ve become, is both based on your genetics and the environment you grew up in. To understand and argue about nature vs nurture, I think that you first need to understand the basics of this concept. For example the smallest little things you are currently doing mostly comes from nurture, like sitting down on a chair. Being able to sit on a chair is nothing genetic, but it is something that you learned to do naturally as a baby, and that is why it feels natural. It is not impossible to raise a child who will never know how to correctly sit on a chair. Although our ability to look at what other people are doing, and use that to teach ourselves how to do it through mistakes and experiences, is learning. This is something that has already been built into us as humans from the moment we form a body in our mother’s stomach, therefor is nurture and plays a majorly significant role.

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