Bystandar effects

How does diffusion of responsibility play a role?

Diffusion of responsibility plays a role, when you are the only person engaged in the situation you are in. This is because when you know that you are the only person that can do anything about the situation, you’re real self is pressured and forced to come out and deal with it however you think is appropriate.

Social Influence

When you are in a situation where you aren’t the only person involved, meaning there is a whole crowd of strangers/people you know around you when an emergency situation occurs. This creats a big impact on how one reacts. If no one turns out to react at all whether they notice it or not, no one else will react because the person has defines the situation as “not dangerous” due to the rest of the people not doing anything about it and going on with their lives.

Audience inhibition

Social influence plays an important role in audience inhibition, although this can depend one’s personality. Some people might be too embarrassed to react to a drunk person lying on the street, when no one else is bothered to do anything about it. On the other hand, some people may have the need to help the person or try to do something about the situation no matter there are hundreds of people passing by and watching.


The effect of what mood the person is in, on how motivated the person is to react to the situation mostly comes down to the one’s personality. There can be people who are willing to help no matter how hurried or busy or how much of a bad day they are having, and there can be people who don’t want to bother to help at all.

Competence & Experience

When you are in an emergency situation, you are forced to react to the situation and your first instinct is what you can do to contribute to resolving the situation. One’s motivation of helping comes from how much experience that person has in terms of that specific situation. This can mean how much knowledge the person has about the situation, which leads them to decide how much they can do about it.

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