Nature vs Nurture Part 2

What unethical decision was responsible for the situation described in this video?

The big unethical mistake that was caused by the decision made by the doctor, was the separation of the two twin sisters at birth. Although it is understandable to the scientific and the physiological world, it is the complete opposite speaking from a empathetic humain point of view.

Can you think of a situation when it might be justified to be unethical in the pursuit of scientific knowledge of genetics or evolution?

I think that unethical decisions come to a common outcome of the baby being traumatized in major shock of such information being dropped on it at once, and this is something that draws the line between ethical and unethical decision making. As long as the baby grows up a truthful life, aware of it’s biological relations with it’s biological family, I think that is it ok. This is mainly because as said in the video in part 2, there is no way to make up for all the years of growing up, from an infant to an adult.

What is the most powerful evidence in this video that nature is more influential than nurture in explaining, predicting, or understanding human behavior?

Nature is something that has already been built into you as part of who you are, and is something that defines your individuality, and makes you a member of your family at the same time. The fact that the two twin sisters ended up finding each other is a big piece of evidence that nature is more influential. The fact that they chose to work at the exact same field of work, with the exact same interests, studying the exact same things is another major proof. No matter how close you are with your best friend, there is a very low chance of you choosing to study and work at the exact same field. Especially in this case the type of job is a very specific one, which means you really had to be interested in the main topic and had to have a passion about it in order to get that far. You find out that your long lost twin sister that you never knew existed who you were separated from at birth, studied and was working at the exact same specific field of work. This doesn’t sound like any coincidence to me.

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