Nature vs Nurture Part 3

What is the difference between altruism and pro-social behavior?

I think that the main difference is if you are thinking about yourself or not when it comes to the outcome of you helping that person. For example a prosocial behavior can have different intentions and could be argued what the individual is really trying to get out of his or her act, as mentioned in the text, “Sometimes the reason for engaging in prosocial behavior is a selfish one. For example, if a person puts money in a charity box in order to feel good, egotistic motivation is behind the action.” (252)

Why do people help people?

Humans are made naturally to help others that we care about, and it is built into us to do so when it is needed. Helping might be stereotyped as something only people with good impressions do, but that is incorrect. I think that it all depends on who the person is, or what the situation and the relationship is with you and the person in need of help. Even if it is an evil villain from a superhero show, that villain would help it’s partner when it is in need of help, because they are working together to accomplish one goal and they know that without either one of them they won’t be able to succeed. That is one case in why people help other people, but another common case is when you want to make the other person feel good because you are generous and empathetic about that person. This really depends on the person if he or she is generally a self centered person or a person that often thinks about other people around you first.

Think of a situation in which I helped others, and analyze the reason/motivation for why you did it?

On the bus ride home from school, I decided to stand up throughout the whole bus ride instead of sitting in the only open seats in the bus that happened to be priority seats. Coming home from a long and tiring day of school made me want to forget about my nice side and pressured myself to take a seat and just close my eyes, but knowing that more elderlies will come on and that it will give a bad impression of myself because the action is taken knowing that it shouldn’t be taken deep down, my culturally Japanese side kicked in and decided to save the spots for the future elders, disabled and pregnants indirectly from the lack of effort to take a spot first and give it to a person later.

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