THE BREAKDOWN : Nurse Angelica reveals unspoken secrets behind Verona incident

For those who were curious as to what really went on last month in Verona, we looked into Nurse Angelica, who knew and understood Juliet and how she felt about Romeo better than anyone else. To dig deeper into the big time Capulet and Montague incident, we were able to get in contact with the nurse and had agreed to talk to us about it.


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Q. Tell us about how you grew up, and how you ended up working at the Capulet house.

“As a child I grew up in a very poor home as a single child with a single mother. I’ve always wanted a child of my own but it was quite hard, suffering from lack of money in hand even during my youth and post-youth ages. One day I met a man and I gave birth to a child. I could not be happier until he had left me after an argument, and not long after my daughter had passed away from illness. From that point and on I almost gave up on life and even considered taking my own life, until a few years later I decided to wonder off and expose myself to the outside world a little bit. I visited Verona and there I saw a man in the streets advertising a new job as a caretaker of the new coming baby of the Capulets.”

(follow up about Juliet? – focus on childhood – she was joyful… story in play about J playing in the garden)

Q. How did you feel about Juliet later on when she grew into her youth years, compared to when you first started working at the Capulets. 

“I’ve always adored her and loved her by who she was from the moment I held her in my arms, regardless of how others like her mother wanted me to treat her.”

Q. How would you describe how your relationship was to Lady Capulet? Did you truly have a close relation?

“To tell you the truth my friend, I never really liked her although I tried not to let that idea stick to me because I obviously worked for her and Juliet was all I had in my life. I wish not to get into any more detail about that.”

Q. Rumors have said that the Capulets didn’t have the best reputation when it comes to employment, what were your thoughts on that? 

“Yes, in fact that rumor is one of the very rare rumors about the Capulets that are actually true, and gladly for me it was not as bad as how it was interpreted in the “rumors” but I did my best to keep a living here because for one thing I did not want to lose this once in a life time opportunity to work at the Capulets and to be with dear Juliet.”

(After hesitating to finish her sentence, a single tear ran down her expressionless face)

Q. Were you satisfied with where you were in terms of your work position? If you had the chance of changing your position of employment, would you have taken it? 

“How could you be so insensitive? Did you really just ask that question after answering all those question before? I have absolutely no comment.”

– Do you mind if I ask you just one more question related to Juliet?

(She had stared into space for around 10 seconds)

“Yes, you may..”

Q. We heard that you were against the idea of Juliet marrying Romeo at first. Can you explain what was wrong, and what made you change your mind? 

“I was against them at first… but I changed my mind.. for the sake of Juliet and her true love for him”

(Nurse Angelica then dropped on her knees and started sobbing with her hands on her face)

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