Charlie Hebdo Newspaper Editorial


In reaction to “I am Not Charlie Hebdo” From the New York Times on January 8th, 2015.

As we cross half way until the second decade into the 21st century, more and more people are starting to become open minded and are able to cope with how others believe in certain aspects of life. This is because more people are revealing themselves, and are not ashamed to wear something as a banner of who they are. I believe that it is almost impossible for every single civilized and educated human to alter their mindset so that they are completely in belief of that disbelief of theirs. Acceptance is something that is factored from certain kinds of cultural backgrounds, and there will be flaws that conflict with each other, so I think that through these setbacks like the Charlie Hebdo, we are able to learn and accept not only from the point of view of the victims, but the attackers as well. Taking in this case as a wake up call to end speech codes would not be an efficient way of resolving this, because societal groups cannot learn to be tolerant against hate speech out of scratch.

Sourced from¬†Teaching with the Online Resource : The struggle to Define Free Speech –¬†Source E