GCD : Personal Goal


Being able to engaged with the school community as a photographer and a videographer, has brought me a sense of personal accomplishment and boosted my motivation levels as an artist. Photography and videography being my hobby as well as my passion, I have had the opportunity to help the school’s communications department, and also other communal aspects of the school such as photographing and filming sports games, concerts, and other community events. Furthermore, I took this as an opportunity to begin experimenting with my freshly sparked passion. With the help of a close friend, I worked on my very first short film, filmed, edited, and processed over the course of a few months. I had directed, written, filmed, and edited on my own and produced a 6 minute long film. Despite the rigorous process of filming, it payed off in the end as my submission to the student film festival resulted me in receiving four different awards.

The opportunity to pursue my passion and help the community at the same time has been a significant part of my high school career as an art student – the practice of photography has not only led me to discover a passion for filmmaking, not has opened up a new dream for the future. Of course, it is impossible to say what I will and will not become in the future. Nevertheless, having a passion and an area of interest that you’re willing to put more than just 100% of your time and effort into, is a priceless opportunity. My artistic goals of high school has allowed me to unveil the feeling of inspiration and aspiration, both values of which will continue to shape my future.

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