minecraft project reflection for technology class

Screencast and explanation of my final product.

walkthrough of the final product

For our final project for the unit “fair game” in technology class we used minecraft to create a theme park. These are all the steps until we finished creating the final product.

Questions so I could test the attractions in the theme park


1. Having test runs for 10 minutes by asking 8 people to go through the park and asking them what the theme is without being told.

2. Making sure the the theme park looks like a jungle by having 50 jungle trees, 20 free roaming ocelots and 20 pigs.

3. Asking the 8 people what we can improve on and if we have to go again what could we change.
4. Making sure that the group followed instructions by making a checklist based on our original plan.
5.Making sure that it’s appropriate for both genders by asking 4 boys and 4 girls.


After testing all these questions, These were the test results after testing them


1. It turned out that everyone knew the basic idea of our theme “Jungle” and that is because the open free roaming space we have is filled with jungle trees.



3. After asking 8 people, most of them said that I might need to add more glass so the rails are perfectly covered with glass so no one falls off.

4.Our group turned out to be fine at the end and fairly, peacefully finished the final product.

5. Our group members tried their best to make it appropriate for both genders but some of the girls say that the theme is generally a boy’s thing.



As I said above, I think I could improve on actually finishing my part and filling it in using all the blocks so I don’t leave random gaps that cause accidents.


During the investigation process, we had to identify the problems that we might have when use minecraft. We also had to develop a design brief so little kids would look at it and want to go to our theme park. I think I did well on finding and identifying problems so we could solve it, because we had to make a list and I tried my best to think as many as I could for the list.


I thought that me AND the whole group could have done better in developing a design brief. Luckily some of the 5th grader boys thought they would be interested in it but most of the girls said that they couldn’t see the background picture and we didn’t have much details at first, but using our feedback we made our design brief better.



During this process, each person in the group had to think of an idea of what our part of the theme park will look like. I probably did the best during this process although I started off by not having any ideas for what I was going to draw. I looked at one of my friends drawing and I suddenly thought of a good idea, so I used it and it actually was used as a general design of our theme park. I think my creativity was used in this process and I hope I could keep using it in the future.


my drawing of the design of our theme park


During this process, I had to list all the steps needed to create the product. I first did not have any details at all meaning that it was literally the quarter of the length of everyone else’s steps. We ended up printing  and switching our steps with pairs and gave each other feedback on how they could improve. The feedback that my peer gave me was exactly what I expected I had to explain more and had to add details, so I used that feedback to improve my steps and it ended up being almost 10 times longer than the original one.


In this part of the process, I had to start creating my product using minecraft.

This was pretty simple and of course was the most exciting part. I was so happy that I finished all the planning and finally could start building in minecraft. Because I used to play minecraft a lot. Me and one more person in the class were the two people that were OP’d, meaning that we were responsible of the world and could use commands that other couldn’t. I think I did good on leading the class and being responsible. I also think that I did well on my product and finished it on time.

In conclusion, I think I mostly did well, but did not really do well on being organised. Organised meaning that I sometimes didn’t do the work that I was supposed to, not finishing assignments on time. That is my weakness for almost all subjects but especially this subject, and that I should really improve on. I think I did well on following with the group most of the time even though I had a bit of trouble at first. I could learn from my mistake and I could improve later during the unit. Another thing I think I did well on, is participating with the group. Of course thats what the groups are for and thats originally what I was supposed to do, but as I said I had trouble actually being and catching up with the group, so that was a big improvement, as is affected my self and the whole group.

“The Hat” Digital storytelling reflection


Essential : The video must be 3~6 minutes long

>My goal was to make it at least 3~4 minutes long,  but I think my video ended up being a bit too long then usual because it was almost 6 minutes and 20 seconds long. I think the reason why is because I took up too much time with the opening brief story.

Essential : The video must be able to share it online

>My goal was to post in on my blog and uploading it on YouTube. This was a easy thing to do for me because I already know how to upload/post it online and it didn’t take so much time. After I uploaded/posted it, I should reload the page or go back to the main page and double check that it’s properly on the sight you wanted to be on.

Essentials : No copyright & image, and reference

>My goal was to insert good background music so it matches the scene. I think I did a pretty good job for it because I did not use copyright music and I think it matched the background well.

Essentials : Target audience

>My goal was to make sure that the story is clear to understand for the viewers. From what I think, I don’t think the story was too clear because in some parts of the story, the voice recordings were not clearly understandable. This is why I used the opening brief story.


The design cycle…..   Investigate        Plan        Design        Create        Evaluate

Investigate : For investigating what tools/applications I could use for my digital story, was not too difficult for me to do, because I was planning to use iMovie from the beginning but I couldn’t use the other applications suggested from Ms.Rude.

Plan : On the planning for the video, I don’t think I planed it really well, because by then, I wasn’t quite ready for all the filming tools and sets, so I mostly planed it wile filming. I need to work on planning in more details and try to be ready with all the tools/sets before the planning.

Design : I first wanted a story with adventure in it, for example going on a adventure to find the hat. That didn’t work out really well, because of time and I was also running out of ideas, but it ended up being a story with out a moral. Maybe next time I should gave a moral to it. Just like I said on the “planning” section, I could improve on preparing/planning more earlier to make sure that I’m completely ready to film and edit.

Create : My finalised project was a bit different then what I thought it would be, because first of all, I was planning the video to be about 3~4 minutes long but the finished project was about 6 and a half minutes long. Second of all,

Evaluate : For the times I reflect my self, the whole class usually gives feedback to each other and I think that really helps because you are actually hearing what other people thinks about your digital story, not only your own opinion.

How I reflect my self might change your future digital story when you make another one, like you normally say “learn from mistakes”.


How do I use media to communicate our stories? 

You have a lot of ways of communicating our stories on media, such as YouTube, Facebook, Blogs and etc. These are very easy to post or upload to them because either you are already used to them or it’s very easy to remember the way of posting/uploading them. I used YouTube and my blog to communicate it on media.

After you post/upload them to media, you need to make sure and double check that you have actually posted them because they might not be saved and might not completely be posted/uploaded.

You also need to make sure the privacy settings are on “unlisted” so all the people in the world doesn’t see it for several safety reasons such as negative comments using words of death and account hackings.