Kent’s 7B showcase portfolio

This is my showcase portfolio for 7th grade.


I communicated in P.E with my team mates when we were playing international football games with other teams in my grade.  International football

I was able to communicate with my partner during French class while we were working on the script for a presentation.          Photo on 2-18-14 at 6.51 AM

I communicated with my friends during science class when we were doing a experiment.
Rock  separation


I helped and cared about my friend when he was building his own building in minecraft during the Humanities Renaissance minecraft building project, so he could finish the project soon.   Minecraft renaissance building info

Open Minded

I was open minded in technology class by thinking and giving each other ideas, when we were deciding what we could build in a theme park in minecraft.

I was able to be open minded during drama class when we were giving each other ideas of cons(bad things) about social networking.   Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.29.28 AM


Visual Art
I was a thinker during art class because I thought about a couple ideas I can use for when I’m going to draw shadows on the road of my drawing.

I was a thinker when me and my partner try to think of a blues song lyrics.

I was a thinker during English class when I thought of a little dramatic ending in a story I was writing.    Grace’s story (a story about the time of apartheid in South Africa)

I was a thinker when I had to write a script about a traditional Japanese play that me and my partner was going to perform in front of the class.


I was inquiring during Math class by asking questions about the assessment we were going to do so I understand clearly what is going on.   Pythagorus