3 Focus Areas in ‘Clouds for Alma’

Movement 2 – Lines 1 to 6

This part is moving especially with the change of the triads. It is played better when the dynamics are emphasised, which is what I struggle on. My goal is to play this part with very clear dynamics. To practice this, I will first write the dynamics by following the recording. Then I will repetitively play the entire piece focusing on exaggerating the piano and forte, while listening to the recording.

Movement 3 – Lines 7 to 12

Playing the notes in between consistently is the key to this section because it keeps a consistent beat. My goal is to play the piece, especially the in between notes clear and consistent. To practice this, I will begin with a slow tempo while using a metronome to keep a consistent beat. I will focus on playing each string loud and clear. At the end, I will play it with the same tempo as the recording.

Movement 4 – Line 58 to 65

This movement is very challenging, because of the left and right hand have to play simultaneously. My goal is to play this section with the same tempo as the recording, clearly and accurately. Similarly to movement 3, I will start with a slow tempo like the audio in the video, and gradually increase the speed having a metronome keep a consistent beat.

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