3 Focus Areas in ‘Clouds for Alma’ Part 2

Movement 2 – Lines 1 to 6

My area of improvement for this part was to emphasize the dynamics, and to do this I used the recordings as a source. I also noted down the fortes and pianos on my score, but as I practiced, I started memorising them. The strategy I used to practice was effective, and the pianos and fortes do seem to be clear, when comparing this video and the previous video.

Movement 3 – Lines 7 to 12

My goal for this area, was to play the notes in between consistently, and to play at the same speed as the recordings. The way I practiced this was to use a metronome to keep a consistent speed, and gradually make the speed the same as the recordings. In the second video, I am able to play it at the speed, but it seems to still be not consistent, and it sounds strange because of the sound of other strings. The way I practiced was not effective, because when I was listening to the recording, I was too focused on that and not listening to how I sounded. I still need to practice playing consistently, and clearly without touching other strings.

Movement 4 – Lines 58 to 65

For this part, my goal was to play clearly and accurately, with the same tempo as the recording. To do this, I started by playing slowly, and gradually picked up speed. Also, as I practiced I started counting in sections. For example, for line 58, this part starts with 八and九十playing at the same time, while it ends with 八,九十and斗playing all separately, so I would count that as one, and count four of that. This prevents getting confused with counting line 63, where it starts with 八,九十and斗played separately and ends with八,九十played together. Overall, I think the way I practiced was effective, as I did meet my goal.

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