Hogaku Concert: Performance Reflection

Whilst practicing, my areas of focus were synchronisation and dynamics.  The genre of this song was minimal, and so although the two parts within the piece were not perfectly together, there was a clear harmonic pattern. This made it quite difficult for the group to identify what the correct overlapping tune was, because the song was intentionally made to not be perfect yet there was a correct answer. Unlike individual practice, practicing during class periods allowed us as a group to hear each others part as well, so I gradually got the idea of what the music piece was supposed to sound like. By the end, I had improved the synchronisation by a lot, as I was able to tell between when the two parts were off, and when it was played correctly.  Playing the song correctly itself took the group some time, and our next step was to polish the song and making it more musical by adding dynamics and other factors. I did improve, as did the entire group, because when we watched a video of our final performance, we could distinguish between the fortes and the pianos.

Playing an entire movement in the piece, helped me find places I need to improve. I then played that section repetitively, which allowed me to eventually fix where I couldn’t play. This was an effective way to prepare for me, because it perfected where I need improvement. It also helped with memorisation, because by playing a part over and over, it becomes easier for the part to be memorised.

For future preparations, I would like to spend more individual time practicing. I would aim for 20 minutes per day. The reason being is because I mostly relied on class practice sessions, where I would discover places I would need more practice on when playing as a group. This will also allow me to memorise the piece at an earlier stage.

The class’ performance overall was excellent, as we had clear dynamics, we were well synchronised and made very minimal mistakes. Watching the video on our final performance, I (as an audience) could tell there was practice and dedication towards the music piece. And as a performer, I felt as if there was a silent communication going on with each group member, as we were listening to each other, leading to minimal mistakes in the phasing harmony. The only part where we could have done better would be the consistency in tempo; there were times we would rush. As an individual I did meet my expectations, as I was well blended in and was part of the group, meaning I contributed well to the group performance. Next time, I will work on the consistency in tempo, to not rush or play too slow.

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