GCD Reflection Public Communication – KMUN

KMUN was my first conference, and everything was new to me. During the conference I learned how the discussions and debates work, such as how to make an amendment, and how to effectively present your amendment. I also learned practical things like the specific terminology and the procedures, such as how a draft resolution should look like, and how to evaluate it.

This was also a great opportunity to use all background knowledge on global issues – the debate was based on nuclear acquisition amongst rogue nations and mars colonization. Despite contributing to the discussion with my full effort, I was disappointed at how little I knew compared to the other delegates, which allowed me a to set a new goal to be more intuitive with global news. However, I believe that I did challenge myself into acquiring a new skill, because this was my first time practicing public speaking skills. Additionally, the issue in which was debated showed global significance, because around 20 different delegations came together to debate global issues that can impact the future of this world.

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