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Count Paris: Verona’s New Love Drama Revealed!

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This month we caught up with the captivating Paris, single and ready to mingle, so ladies, take a number. He’s the man who’s got it all: money to buy the moon, looks to make jaws drop from a mile away… You name it, this ravishing man has got it! … Or does he really?

I’ve heard you’ve inherited your father’s estate. Is this true? What are you planning to do with all the money?

Sadly he recently passed away in a tragic incident, so luckily for me he wrote in his will that I, his eldest and, let’s face it, favourite son, inherited both his estate and all his money. Since it is more money than I can use, I’m going to give away to charities to help out around the world and I am also going to buy a nice vacation home.

How is your relationship with the Capulet family, and what is your relationship with the Montague family?

I actually have a great relationship with the Capulets as it stands. They, like everyone else, adore me! I’m the man who’s got it all, from good looks to money and all it can buy. And as for those Montagues, from what I’ve heard they can’t keep their emotions in check.

What is your opinion on all the public fights? Who’s at fault?

I don’t even need a minute to think about this. It is without a doubt those disgraceful Montagues. Those trouble makers really need to take a chill pill and just take a step back. Stealing the spotlight much? These fights are really getting out of hand! One day my precious Juliet will get hurt! Fools…

On that note… Someone has dished the dirt saying you only asked for Juliet’s hand because in your dad’s will it states you can only inherit all the money and the estate if you marry into a nice family and take over their land as well. Can you comment on this?

Ummm… I don’t know what you’re talking about, I want to marry Juliet because of how much of a beautiful angel she resembles.

Oh c’mon Paris. I know you know I know you know what I’m talking about.

Ok then fine. I guess the incentive was dad saying i can only get the money and estate if I marry into the Capulet family. I also get the land, that is correct. Sure, she is the Capulet family heiress, but I really do care about her. Those other things are just some perks of our union.

Oh! So if all is as you say and it’s all true, then it must also be true that Juliet has a romantic relationship with Romeo? Can you clarify that little mix up for us?

There is no way Juliet would ever go anywhere near that lap dog. The flea infested primate will never even have a chance with her, her father wouldn’t allow her to betray me like that!

Are you sure about that? A few reliable sources have approached us saying they were full on making out at the Capulet party, we have been approached several times saying the two are planning to get married. Didn’t you say Romeo was the enemy? And now the two are getting married? What are you going to do about this?

Yes. Of course I’m sure, don’t question me! Who do you think you are?! Romeo is most DEFINITELY the enemy. Juliet is a loyal girl, she wouldn’t disobey her father, especially when she knows how much pain that family has caused. And if it were to be true, I would never let that boy get in the way of my inheritance, so even if she was into him, her father would never
allow it, so then it’s a good thing she doesn’t have a say in the matter. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I could totally beat that arrogant child in a fight, and then he’d be banished from Verona, or put to death.

Ok then, so what do you think you have to offer Juliet, apart from the newly inherited money, that Romeo can’t?

Ummmmmm… Well *thinks hard* ohhhh, I know, there is obviously a marvellous estate and shelter, I can keep her safe, she still gets to be close to her family, unlike if she’d be with Romeo she’d never meet them again, I can buy her anything she wants, we have a lot of nice furniture in the house, a lot of nights out, fancy food, fancy wines, fabulous trips. And of
course, I am the one who will be able to give her good looking children. So let’s not forget how
gorgeous I am!

What makes you think she’ll submit to you? She’s so obviously in love with Romeo. How will you “control” your woman?

Trust me. I can definitely control my woman, all I need is to set a bunch of boundaries.

Ok so on that note, thank you for joining us today and best of luck, Paris. This is the end of todays newest and hottest gossip. Thank you lovely readers and we’ll see you next time.