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ARK Promotion Video

For the sophomore year at YIS students are required to complete the Personal Project, this is where you had to chose a topic which is considered an issue and make a product to help. For my personal project I decided to talk about animal welfare in Japan and teamed up with the non-profit organisation ARK in order to create a promotion video for them about adoption rather than buying a dog and informing about abuse and abandonment.

Through this video I was able to not just reach the members of the YIS community, but also got praise by the founder of ARK, Elizabeth Oliver, and the video was also approved by Dogs Trust in London. Multiple people coming to adoption events for ARK have talked about the video in a positive manner and talked about how it affected them and how it made them want to adopt rather than buy a dog from a pet store as they were not priorly informed about the abuse and puppy mills going into running it.

After having created this video, the ARK staff were so pleased with the outcome and the amount of awareness it has been spreading, not only in Japan, but also other countries such as England, Sweden and the US, that they created a page on their website dedicated to featuring the video.