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ARK Volunteer and Foster Family

Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved animals and felt extremely strongly about animal rights. Since I grew up with a cat for the first eight years of my life it felt strange not to have a pet inside the house, so when we moved to Japan our family decided it was time to get a dog. Since my little sister was terrified of dogs from a young age it was decided she would get to meet the dog before so she wouldn’t be scared. Since there are so many pet stores around Japan it went faster than expected and after just going in to look at a puppy we came home with a new family member the very day. Unfortunately, my sister has extreme allergies and after three days we ended up having to give the puppy back. However, at an activities fair at school I ended up finding a flyer about becoming a foster family for a dog, after talking it over with my parents it was decided this would be the perfect situation in finding us a dog my sister wasn’t allergic to and we would be able to adopt.

After having a meeting with Julie at ARK, we later got a foster puppy Jerry, and even though we couldn’t keep him he still got adopted to our cousins in Sweden. The organisation ARK, however, had really sparked my interest, and as of February 2016 we started fostering, and this then led to me volunteering at adoption events every weekend. On June the 20th 2017 I had gathered up 150 hours of community service at ARK, and I still volunteer at every event and plan on continuing to do so until I move in 2019. In October 2016 we ended up adopting our second foster dog, Yama. As of today my family has fostered two dogs and five kittens and are still up as a foster family whenever homeless animals come to the Tokyo ARK.