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When I was eight years old I moved away from my home country, Sweden, to Switzerland. Because I moved when I was so young, it was imperative that I learned English in order to be able to communicate in an international school environment. After about two months in the international school in Zurich, I was able to read, speak and write fluently in both Swedish and English. However, since I was in a school that was in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, it was mandatory to learn German in international schools as well. Because of this I also learned to be fluent in German from grade two up to grade eight. In international schools, it is also necessary to learn either French or Spanish once you reach middle school. So for me, I chose to learn Spanish, and I have stuck with it all the way through middle school, into high school, until I graduate next year in grade twelve. Since I have been learning Spanish for almost seven years now, I can communicate and understand at a level of fluency.