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Our business has come up with an IncrediblePen that will change your everyday life. The pen has special features that will help you with school, work or anything you would perhaps need it for. The IncrediblePen is a useful new piece of technology that connects to your computer, iPad or phone via bluetooth. When you write with the IncrediblePen, what you write will simply turn up on your computer, therefor you’re going to have all your notes in one place. The IncrediblePen also comes with a feature that will recognise you’re voice so that nobody else can write with it and have their notes show up as well. The IncrediblePen also comes fully equipped with a Siri function, this works by you asking for example how to spell a word, the meaning of a word, or another way to say that word, if you enable the function ‘corrections’, Siri will tell you if you have a spelling mistake.


The best way for us to market this product will be online, we will be selling the pen for 118 dollars, there will also be limited and special edition pens that will be slightly more expensive. Seeing as this is a new business and that there are other pens out there that can connect to bluetooth, but don’t have nearly the amazing features as the IncrediblePen does, we will start off with a smaller price and perhaps work our way up as the business expands.


To manage our company we will need approximately four or five people, one person to be in charge of the money, one person to be in charge of the designs, one person to keep track of everyone, one person to make business deals and there will be robots to create the items.