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In Buddhism meeting on the 24th I learned that a lot of people believe in different things. I’ve knew that from long time ago but that day was the first day to feel it. I can feel how the person who was talking was feeling about Buddhism since he was talking with love. I enjoyed writing the Sutra  but listening to him was kind of  (With all the respect) boring. It wasn’t very unique. I heard that in my old school before so I was kind of used to it. It was better when we actually did something not only sat there. I think the purpose of the meditation was to concentrate and think about what you have done bad or good. Also the copying was for finding out what you might be good at? I am really not sure.  I think Buddhism affect Japan by how we act. A lot of people in Japan is Buddhist so Japan is acted by Buddhism. I think some of my friends are Buddhist so that affected my life.


Under Sea Resources


Chemical element with symbol of LA


Neodymium is a chemical element with the symbol Nd and atomic number 60


Yttrium is a chemical element with symbol Y and atomic number 39.

From long time ago people have knew that there were resources in the ocean but they didn’t have the definite facts to prove it. People thought that it provide a wealth of rare-metal. It would be molten to fluid with the heat and would be pumped out if possible. However Yasuhiro Kato and his colleague discovered that there are resources under pacific ocean and near hawaii. They’ve found concentrated area of where the resources were. For example there were lanthanum,  neodymium, yttrium. Right now, China is the biggest industrial country that has rare resources and they are making it more expensive so other countries have to pay more. Now more places over the word are mining for the rare resources for example California, Canada, and Australia. People say that mining the ocean floor will take a lot of money and skill. It would cost time too. Also other people say that it will create environmental problems that will make the earth more dirty. I think science of finding out where there are metal/ resources are used in this article. Also they’ve thought about how to drill it out. They calculated how much things it costs when drilling it out. If they can drill the metal out from the ocean floor it will change economic dramatically since they will get a lot of rare metal from the ocean. People who started to drill it out will get really rich. It is beneficial for human being because people would be able to get more rare metal that will create things that are very useful. However it will not be good for the environment because there are possibility that drilling can make the ocean polluted and kill fish and animals.


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Science Blog post 1

This was our first real assessment in grade 8 science. It was on metals that we have picked randomly. We all had to make a poster about the metal. I personally got Scandium. It was good that the word was easy to spell. I think that I did ok on this assignment. I have done well on adding description that I need and organising it. However I MUST add the citations in MLA format. I forgot to add the link in MLA and I couldn’t have any of the points there. So I think i have to work on that.


What does stereotype mean?

Stereotype is when you judge people by their culture, race, and jobs.

When are stereotypes useful?

when you need to act out a person quickly, people will know the stereotypes so people can understand what you are acting.

Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

No one can say NO or YES because some books you can since it is obvious but some books can be abstract so it is harder.