Drama reflection

Elevator #3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I think we did an ok job for our elevator scene. However I think we have to work harder on the realistic parts. For example when the  elevator stops, people on my group or I might try to open the door or press a yellow call button on the elevator. Also I think it will be better to add a part where one person talks with the person that helps with elevator emergency and maybe Nerd (Kaz) can be fixing the elevator.

I think there are more things we can do better.

Japan and America


In Individual Society class, we have been looking at how countries are healthy or not.

Now for birth rate, it is obvious that United states of America has higher rate. In United States, about 4311979 of new babies is being born. On the other hand, Japan has about 991460 new babies being born.

For Infant Mortality rate, Japan has 3 Infant Mortality rate however United States have 7.1 which is worse than Japan. Since modern technology is much better there are now less

For GDP per Capita, America has a much better GDP per Capita than Japan which is 505 878

However in Japan GDP per Capita is 34 839.

The HDI for United States is 0.91, On the other hand Japan is 0.901 Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.11.52 AM

Fertality rate for United States is 33 and Fertality rate for Japan is 5.6

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.27.49 AM

Japan has one of the best life expectancy in the world. Japan has life expectancy of 83 years old.

However United States has life expectancy of 79.


Heart of a Samurai book review

What will happen if you are lost in the world and saved by people that doesn’t understand your language? The book Heart of Samurai  by Margi Preus about a guy named Manjiro getting lost in the ocean but getting saved by white people. Manjiro and his friends were forced to travel to US before they can go back to Japan. When the master of the ship were taking Manjiro’s friends back, he asked Manjiro if he wanted to stay and study English. Then Manjiro stayed and studied about US’s language and technology. Then when he went back to Japan he helped the country from attacks and getting stronger. The theme for this book is that doing something extraordinary can be very painful and hard but it will help you or your country at last. I think this book is amazing because the author uses the jsut right perfect words for the part that is very exciting and that has a lot of thrill. She creates this mood in the text and she does it so well that it feels like we are inside the book and actually doing the action. Also the second reason why I really like this book is that the author is really good at showing what is happening not telling. Since showing includes using precise words, it connects with the first point. The last point is that Margi Preus did absolutely stunning job making the reader feel “Fun” while reading this book. Very mythically I have felt strangely fun during the reading time. It didn’t feel like reading. It felt like I was just having fun and doing what I wanted to do.

So in conclusion, I think this book is about doing something extraordinary can be very painful and hard but it will help you or your country at last. This book is really cool and exciting so if you like historical books, I think you guys would love it!

Thanks for reading!

Field Study

So this year 8th grades went to Minakami and for me, I have learned that I was a person that I go out more than stay inside. While everyone was playing one their phone or soccer game, my friends and I went out and played catch. I have also talked with my friends and knew more about my close friends and my not-that-much-of-a-good-friends.

When I was canyoning, and there was a 20 meter water slide. First I was so afraid so as my other friends and we were screaming. “If I die, tell my parents I loved them” or “If I die, Sue this place!” and more others. However when I got to the half way the scariness was gone and all I felt was water and wind brushing my face. It felt really good. Since I got out of my comfort zone, I have had all this fun.