English post

For english class we have been learning the difference and similarities between poems and ads.

In my opinion when they both use visual and textual language to move people they use something different. For poems the whole thing is more textual than visual since there are only words. However the poems can be drawn by using the text. The author can put the words anywhere on paper to make it look like an object. On the other hand most ads have very little text. They mainly have images that are related to the ad and very little words is written. Ad uses more visual reference than poem because they they ads important text into the pictures or they combine the two to make it very interesting to watch. However the bad thing about the ad is that there isn’t much information put into it. There will be important ones but not the side notes that some people might want to know. On the other hand poems have a lot of information that can be used if people wanted to. If the audience wanted tp see the pictures they would look at the shape of the poem or imagine what is happening in the poem.

So to sum things up, the two,  Ads and poems, have different aspects and different techniques to move people. Ad uses images and simply writing to move people. They also use figurative languages and using comparisons to create the mood. However the poem uses language to move people. They create very convincing mood so they might be influenced. Poems might be using Pathos to influence people.

Rock Music for Music Class


The thing that was fun in this project was that I got to communicate with my partner and choose all the good things that would be in the song. It was very hard that I had to create a melody. The melody took a lot of time and we couldn’t think of a good one until the last second. We were actually panicking that there was no melody  nor a good ending. At last minuet Kosei and I thought of a good ending and melody.