Responding to Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

Spy school

by Stuart Gibbs

Page 22 23

Two agent


a gunfight

enemy spy


at the stair case

toward oak doors


 needs to pee

I froze

clenched my arm

this wasn’t expected

Duck my head

building terror

So I wrote this found poem from a book called Spy school. It has been extra hard for me to find good words from 2 pages and actually write a poem. I have made an interesting poem by using words that was in the pages i chose. The main key words for the two pages were:

pee, terror, duck

These three words were very different and it was very hard to use them well. I couldn’t get any ideas for first few minutes. Then I thought of making the poem like a story. However it didn’t work so I just took out the chronological words and made it to this. I couldn’t  make any literally devices because it didn’t have much things to compare or even make them.