Drama Persuasive Speech

Clip #27 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Our class have done a summative assessment on speeches. I have talked about green tea and how it affects well on human body. I think my speech was good but had points that could have improved more. I think I did well on creating the speech and researching for the details. However I could have improved on talking more smoothly and remembering some of the parts so I can look up.

I think I can use persuasive speeches on job interviews or to get someone to listen to you. If I am in a job interview, I will have to talk about my self and why I want the job. The part where I would be explaining why I want the job will be very hard if I can’t persuade anyone with my speeches.

I think it is useful to know how to structure my speech because in my life I will be making a speech and it will be VERY important for me to be able to write a persuasive speech. It is important to present my speech well because I will need to present more speeches if I want to be a good leader or to be a person who talks with other people.


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