Reflection on going around the world with a lot of option to choose

In this unit we have been studying about speed of objects moving. I noticed that there s a lot of ways to move around countries. Nowadays we can travel to other countries or in a country really fast because there are new technology that makes that possible. For example many of the developed countries has bullet trains which is fast enough that it takes you 1 and 20 minuets from tokyo to kyoto. Also not only that we can now fly with planes which can take us over the sea faster than using boats. I think it is really convenient that we have all these things that can help us move faster. Also the speed is getting faster and faster which can make our lives easier and more efficient to work.

One thought on “Reflection on going around the world with a lot of option to choose

  1. Hey Shaun nice post. I think that you explained what you thought about the unit very well. I noticed how you gave examples to support your idea. You used many examples such as Bullet trains, Airplanes and boats. In the end you gave a nice idea of your own and also supported that too. If you could improve I think that you could give more ideas you have on the topic that you chose. Because this is a reflection maybe you can write what you felt from the unit. That is all and I think that it is good. ­čÖé

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