Mr. M’s Tutor Class


What were the high points and low points of this week?  What made it a high point and a low point? (The what part of the question is most important). There were a lot of  high points this week and the first one is that we were able to meet new students and get to know them pretty well. There were many nice kids coming into our school and it felt like our school is gonna be better with these people. There were many people that had same interest and there was even a person who was in my old school. I really enjoyed hanging out with the new kids this first week. Another high point was that the teachers let me and other freshmen into a smooth transition from middle school to high school. Not only the teachers also Sophomore, Junior, Senior was really nice and let us into high school and helped us through our first few days.

The low points was that I miss my friends that left and I really wanted to be with them when we came up to high school. Some other low points is that I can feel that high school is going to be really different from middle school and I am kind of worried.

How are you planning on organising yourself to complete homework tasks this year? This year I am trying to organise myself by using PAPER calender effectively and I will get my homework done before I can do things that I like to do.