Drama Journal week 1

Human Context

For the past two weeks we have been learning about several things that is important in drama. The first one is called human Context. Others are roles, purpose and status which is what makes up human context. We explored on how we can show the roles without actually telling them that we are a specific person. We would not only look at one person but we saw the relationships between few people. For example we saw grandmother and granddaughter talking about problems. The first week took roles because it is really important piece in drama. Not only that it was also the first week so we had learned how the class works. On the second week we looked deeper into drama by looking at purpose and status. Purpose is simply a cause of one another. If a policeman is at a donut store his purpose for being there is that he wants donuts. Purpose was something that is deeper that I thought because purpose can have variety of actions with it. If the purpose is a bit different then the whole act can be something that is not even similar.  

Last but certainly not the least, we looked at status. Status is simply rank of people who are in the act. For example if there was a boss, worker and part time job, then the highest status will be the boss, next will be the worker, and last will be part time job. however status was interesting and different from other things. Status would easily flip if something happens. So if I take the same situation but make the storyline a bit different then the whole status will be different. If the boss was fired the worker would be higher than him. Not only that if the part time job was son of the CEO he might even be higher than the worker.



The way we approached roles was that we would try to create a “character” in a role. So we would accept whatever the partner says and we started to create changes into the character. In class we would do many activities that helps us understand the key points better. One of the activies taught us how to accept any character that the partner gives.


In last two weeks we achieved on learning how to create characteristic in a role and character. Obviously we aren’t perfect at it because it is something that you can’t learn in few weeks. However I think we started to get to the point where we can create a character with depth.

I think that connections between characters and people and real life can be easly thought because many of the character we do it based on what people actually have done before.

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