Drama Journal #3

Topic: Focus and/or Place/Space
Key Idea (Explanation of a concept explored)


We learned many things in drama this week, however the main three things were focus, placing and space. When performing, it is really important to know where people are going to focus on since you can use that to show something with out making it too obvious. Then we can use the focus and create tension. (We learned how to create tension last week!)  The placing on the stage is really important because some places are easier to get the focus of the audience. On stage there are 9 parts to it. The parts are upstage right, upstage center, upstage left, right, center, left, downstage right, downstage center, downstage left. The main focus for most of audience is downstage right, downstage center, and downstage left. The set up for the names are from the performer’s point of view not the audience’s . This is called blocking and it is really useful for back stage work and rehearsals with technical aspect which I am good at.
Approach (Process in class or in rehearsal)

I only attended half class of drama this week so I am not a master of focus, placing, and space however we did some activity in the first half of the class. In the class we were in groups and we were suppose to make a scene of bank robbery with only have 1 person saying 3 words, 1 saying 2, and 1 say 1 word. I was in the group with Garrel and Kosei. This was a good activity for focus because we had to choose the right words and we had to be focused. In the scene Kosei and Garrel was robbers and I was the bank clerk. They would come in and scream at me since they were robbers and they had to act strong. Garrel said 3 words and Kosei spoke 2 words. It was really tough for me because I have to respond using 1 word.

Outcome (Achievements, Problems, Solutions)

As a class we did a focus activity. There were three scenes and there were different focus and tension in each one. First one was just walking normally and there were no focus no tension nothing. No one made eye contact no one did anything. The second was scene was finding a pen. It was really interesting that as an audience we were looking at kent’s hand and where his eyes were looking at. This was a good activity to know about how people can create focus with just a simple thing. The third scene was about bomb. Yes BOMB 😀 In this scene Kent became a person who takes out bomb. However he first had to find where the bomb is. As an audience, we looked around the whole stage to see where the bomb is. Not only that we looked at his movement since bomb is dangerous and it had tension. When Kent screamed out “I FOUND THE BOMB!” Everybody in the audience looked his way and was concentrated. This showed that if there is tension and there is a small ignition material then it can create the whole play to have a excited mood.

Connections (between ideas, skills and practice > even live theatre)


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