Drama Journal #4

Key Idea: For the last two week we concentrated on language. Language is very important to drama since it is one of the way to communicate with the audience.  For last two weeks we looked at voice and the way people changed the way they talk with little kids and adults. However verbal isn’t the only way actors communicate with the audience. Facial expression and body language was really important too. The body language changed a lot when the person was talking to a little kid compared to adults.  Depending on the character the actor is acting as, the characters would use certain words or not use some certain words. Language helps us as actor because we can show what the actor is trying to act out and their personality.


In class we acted out a scene where a little kid and their parents were at a movie theatre for the kid’s birthday. One of the parent came in late and the other had to act out how to use language with kids and with the other parent. It was interesting to see Mira, Kana, and Solon’s group because Kana had a different usage in language, body language and facial expression when they had the kid and when they didn’t. When Kana and Solon had Mira near them, Kana wouldn’t show the anger out but as soon as Mira went to the bathroom, Kana started to shout at Solon, showing all the anger that she had. However as soon as Mira came back and started to cry because they were fighting, they “solved” the problem and became happy again.



What we achieved from doing the work is that we now know how to react to people in front of different audiences. Not only that now we can use this skill to create comedy. If we can master the skill of know when to use the appropriate language for different audiences, then it is really easy to control the mood of the whole act. However there were some problems, few of them were that we didn’t know how to react to little kids naturally. When we tried to using the little child appropriate words, it wasn’t really natural. So we had to practice a lot to make it natural and to keep it fluent.




Usage of language and tension can be connected since language can be one of the way to create obvious tension. If we can use words that is really baby-ish in front of people who are really old, it can show that they are making fun of them and it can create tension between people. Not only that it is really important for creating focus too. Using different kind of language can create focus on the stage and it is really useful when there are many “talking” going on on the stage.