Nature and Nurture

For past years in phycology, phycologists have been talking about Nature and NurtureNature and Nurture is two ways that people act.

Nature is when people act the way they do because of their genes and how their parent’s were. Nature is related to DeNA and their parent’s genes. Parent’s genes gets passed to their child. Nurture is when people’s action is influenced by the environment they are in. Nature is genetic and biological factors that affects children’s while Nurture is environmental factors.


Lots of studies was done to study this topic. One of the famous one is the story of the Jim Twins. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were identical twins born in 1940. However they were raised by different parents which means that they were in different environment. This was one of the first separation test. This was a test for nurture. The twins were reunited after 39 years. At that point they started to understand their similarities and differences. Psychologists were very surprised with the result that they found out. Both of these twins suffered from headaches, they both bit their nails , smoked same kind of  cigarettes, drove similar types of car and not only that they went to the same beach in Florida for vacation. This result was surprised us because it proved that they both were heavy smokers, they both bit their nails and they both suffered from headaches suggests that genetics play an important role in shaping who you are. This also shows that environment doesn’t affect as big of a roll as genes.

In conclusion from researching about Nature and Nurture, I think that Nature affects people more than nurture. As you can see in Jim twin‘s case, they had a lot of similarities even if they were raised in different environment. University of Minnesota took over 137 pairs of twins as test and it all proved that nature had a bigger impact. This all proves that you are not what you are influenced from others around you but you are what you are from inside. Genes affect you the most.





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