The Effect of Music On Memory

Today in InS class we looked at what can affect memory. In the last class we looked at difference between visual memory and audio memory. However today in class we looked at how music can affect our memory.

I believed that music would help working memory because I thought it would help concentrate. Also I predicted that Welcome to the jungles by Gun’s and Roses was going to have the most affect since the song is very loud and it can be the most distracting or most helpful. Also I thought that let it go would be the most helpful since everyone knows that song and have heard it many times.


In today’s experiment, we first had 4 columns of 13 words. Then we pick 3 music to listen whilst trying to remember the words in one column. For today we chose Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Welcome to the Jungle, and last and definitely the least (wink wink Mr. MacAulay)  least Frozen. Then we had 1 minute to memorise the song with white noise, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, welcome to the jungle, and let it go. I scored the best on white noise, getting 13 points. My worse was welcome to the jungle where I got 10 points. I was first surprised that people scored the lowest in Lucy in the sky with the diamonds. However when I thought about it and realised that that was the first one which could have surprised the testiest and could have affected the test results.