My room staging

For drama, we are now starting to look at the staging and how it works. In this assignment, we had to create our own room on the paper as a “set” of the play. We had magazines and cloth to create a collage on a white paper. We had to come up with ideas. The theme was “My room is my…”. I think my room is my relaxing room. There aren’t many things on my paper (room) That is because my “relaxing” room has to be very simple in  order for me to just sit there and rest. I don’t have to be doing something to be relaxing.


The first thing I did with my work is that I cut out things that was in my room and that was also my favorite things. I also looked at what had good combination with other things because since it is my relaxing room I had to have color that was too strong and stop my me from getting rest. Not only that my room will look unorganised and dirty. In my work I left many white space. That is to show how my room can be spacey so I can rest and do things I want to do. I added two sports in the paper. Baseball and Basketball this is because they are the two sports I play a lot and like. I wanted to add volleyball because that is also one of my favorite sport. However sadly I couldn’t find any picture of volleyball. I also had some knives and deodorant because I have some of them in my room. So I had different type of things on my paper.


Overall I think I did pretty well with my work because I was able to balance out things I have and the space I had on my paper and it didn’t feel super packed. My bed was hand made because I couldn’t find any picture of it. However it described my bed pretty well because my bed isn’t anything fancy. It is just simple and just for sleeping. The bed I made on paper is just like that. It is simple and nothing special. It also created a feeling of my room being is simple and nothing complicated.

Stock Market

Toyota Motors

The main reason why Toyota Motor’s stock went up is because the oil price dropped drastically.  The oil price has been dropping for last few months because they were over producing them. So people used cars to travel since it didn’t cost as much money as it did. People who didn’t have car started to buy car thanks to the oil price crashing. So the main cause of Toyota Motor’s stock rising is oil price crash. 


The main reason why Volkswagen’s stock dropped was because they were lying about their cars. They have deceived their costumers by faking the amount of gas that was released when using the car.