Romeo and Juliet Magazine

Nowadays there are so many news over Verona about Montagues and the Capulets. There are so many fights between each other. People have died from the fights too. There are some rumors going around the town that Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague is close with each other. There will be many people disappointed and angry with them if it was true but this could be the only way the two families will have better relationship.



  • What was your first thought when you heard that Romeo was a Montague?


    1. I was despaired. I didn’t know what I was suppose to do. It was like finding a treasure but can’t take it with you because it has traps on it. When the nurse told me that the perfect man was a Montague’s only son, Romeo, I didn’t understand what she said. It took me 10 seconds to understand every single word and understand what she meant. When I understood what nurse meant, I grudged against my destiny. The one person I love so much was my family’s worst enemy..



  • Have you ever felt hatred against the Montagues? If yes did it change after meeting Romeo?


    1. Yes…. I did. Thinking about it now, it is pretty shameful thing to do. Hating each other just because your family does? We are so immature, seriously, what are we doing? Why aren’t we trying to help each other and make Verona a better place? Instead we are just fighting all over the town and just making the place a dangerous place. Everything changed after I met Romeo. He helped me realise that there was no need to hurt each other. Now I don’t hate Montagues at all. They are just same people like us. They have family like me, they have heart like me, they most definitely have nice people like Romeo too!



  • Does Romeo know that your father wants you to marry Paris?


    1. I don’t think so. However he will eventually know. I don’t want him to go against my father though. My father will get so mad and big fight will occur between the Capulets and the Montagues. This will make it harder for us to get accepted. Not only that Romeo could be killed in the strife.



  • How did you feel when you first met Romeo?


    1. Oh my… Just remembering it gets me hot. The second I saw him, my eyes couldn’t see anything else. The difference between Romeo and other guys like Paris was too different. If Paris was a normal guy then Romeo would be lofty dream. He was the only guy that I would like being with. I knew that the second we saw each other right in the eyes.



  • What is your advice to lovers that have parents that are against them on date each other?


    1. Hmm.. this is a hard question because Romeo and I haven’t even got our parents to be fine with each other yet. One thing I can say is, if you have love you can do anything. Look at us, our parents are the worst enemies. My brother cousins hate Romeo’s cousins but we are still together and we didn’t let ourselves down just because of our family. So I am confident to say that love is all you need.



  • What is your father and your mother like in your house?


    1. My mother is always listening to my father. She doesn’t do anything that will do something that he doesn’t like. So when he was mad at me because I said I don’t want to marry Paris, he was pushing me to the floor and everything but my mother didn’t even flinch. My father is usually a good person except for when people disagrees and goes against him. Then he gets really irritated and mad. In the house he is usually a good father. However I don’t know what they are thinking. I’m not really close to them so I don’t know what they are thinking of. I know saying that I am not close to my parents is pretty weird but it is true.



  • What would your life have been like if you didn’t meet Romeo?


    1. My life would have been boring simple life as Paris’ wife. Seriously, what am I supposed to do? If I didn’t meet Romeo, I would have just a very systematic life. Nothing special will happen, I wouldn’t be looking forward to any special time like I am right now, my parents will force me to do what they want me to do. That will be it.



  • What did you think when you heard that Romeo killed Tybalt?


    1. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. Nurse came rushing into my room while I was lying on my bed and I hear the the horrible news. I was so shocked that tears didn’t even come out of my eyes. First person I worried was Romeo not Tybalt. I knew that he died so I worried about Romeo getting killed by the police.



  • Would you still love Romeo even after he killed Tybalt, will your choice be the same if you actually saw him killing Tybalt?


    1. I don’t know. I will most definitely be scared of him. However we will solve the problem by talking over and what happened. After all, the one I love more than anyone is Romeo. I will be mad at him too. I would be mad and say things that might hurt him because I love him.



  • What is your dream with Romeo?


    1. My dream with Romeo, is a simple life. I want him to be free from the sins and I want him to be with me all the time. I don’t want to struggle without him anymore. I would like to live in the countryside without any pressure from my parents. Two kids and a dog. Until this happens I will not die. Hopefully he comes back soon.


Translated into modern English by Shaun Kaneda


Box Set

For the past few weeks in our drama class, we have been working on our own set of the play “The Intruder” We have created our own set from zero. We researched what kind of Furniture works or what kind of color will match the theme in the play. Then we created our own floor plan. We looked at the space and chose what needed to be in the middle and what needed to be on the side. After that we started to create our very own stage set.


When creating the set I imaged myself being in the scene. Then I was able to see what kind of items and things connected to the main theme. In the play Sofa and the window played one of the hugest role as a furniture. That is why we put a big sofa in the middle where everyone can see. After that we made sure that the windows were very visible. When making decision on where to put the item, we made sure that we didn’t mess up the play because some parts of the stage must be there or else the play will be messed up. We left the door open in the set so we can create the image of “Intruder” even though they will shut the door, if we kept it open in the beginning, it would have a big effect on the play. We put in total of 3 doors. One was to get to the stairs, one was to go to the room on the right and the other to the left. We didn’t have much choice on the doors because on the play it said where to place them. We made sure that the clock is in the middle too because the play has a big turning point when the clock goes off. (I’m not going to spoil the play for you 😉 )


We made many connections while creating this box set. In class we’ve learned about how color can change out people think about a room and how it feels like. We’ve also learned about staging. We’ve learned about how middle and the left side will get more attention than the right side. First we used the knowledge of color in the set. As you can see in the photo’s we made sure that the walls are black. This has a big affect on people because when you are surrounded by black walls people get feeling of oppression. For staging, we made sure that the important items are in the middle. Not only that we made sure that father and the uncle are on the left side because they have many lines and they say a lot of important parts in the play. On the other side we made sure that the sisters are on right and close to the window.

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