The Charlie Hebdo Attack

In response to The Guardian’s article on the Charlie Hebdo attack, I believe that freedom of speech gives every man and women rights to express their thoughts and their view of the world freely. However consequences may follow when expressing their opinion freely. An example of that is Charlie Hebdo Attack in 2015.

Charlie Hebdo Attack was triggered by caricatures of Muhammad. This case was the consequence for freedom of speech. Although there is a counter argument that  freedom of speech do give everybody the rights to express their feeling, there should be a limit to what you can express. After a certain point, it becomes a hate speech. Pope Francis has also stated “There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity…in freedom of expression there are limits.”

Francis’s opinion on freedom of speech should have limits so it doesn’t lead to hate speech. This is hard because borderline between freedom of speech and hate speech is unclear. 

As our parents taught us, we should think before we say things to public. This can help the whole situation to be solved more peacefully. Since people won’t be insulted by comics and speeches because people will filter what they will say.