PSHE: Wellness

What is my wellness?

I think everybody have asked this question to them selves. In my life, there are many types of wellness.

Physical wellness is one of the largest aspect that I care about in my life. This year I have played sports in all three season which helped me understand more things about myself. First season I was in the Varsity Boys Volleyball team. Although I was not the player that was always on the court, I trained as hard and cheered as hard or maybe harder than the members in the team. Being in the volleyball team made me more healthy physically but also socially. Being in a team or group of people makes me physically healthy because I have to work hard to keep up my skills. I would train from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm as a team practice every Monday Wednesday and Friday but stay for 30 40 minutes to train by myself so I can be in the starter’s position. This kept me fit. It also helped me keep me more mentally stabled because when I am playing sports I am concentrating and I don’t have enough time to think about other things. So this makes me not worry about problems I’m having and  I can enjoy my self fully.

Other than sports teams, I was able to keep a healthy relationship with my friends. Although I get irritated easily, I was able to control my emotions a little bit more this year. This was possible with my best friends help.

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