GCD Post on Community Engagement

Community engagement is one of the biggest value that YIS expects the students to contribute to. This helps students to have more balanced school life and helps to form a more opened person. The biggest contribution I have on the community is tech support in the auditorium. After three years of experience of working on backstage tech support by myself, I have decided to create a HS tech team with the help from the arts department. The HS tech team’s role in the community is to provide support when there are events which consists lighting, sound and other aspects of tech. In my junior year, I have concentrated on teaching underclassman how to become a tech crew that can be useful in any situation. I have taken a lot of my time to engage in this because I believed that it is an important process in order for the HS tech team to keep running after I graduate. In this process I learnt that if I allocate my time and effort, results will show because the underclassmen became more reliable as time passed. However I still had to be there because they did not have as much experience. I believe that tech team takes an important role and we have a huge impact on the community. With the experience of HS tech team, I was able to become more responsible because I take a leading role of the group. I have become more organised which has also affected me to do my job as a responsible leader.

In my junior year, I introduced a website called Trello. This website allowed us to stay organised and know which event needs technical support. Use of Trello allowed us to be sustainable too because we know which member was overworking and which member was not participating as much as others. Then I was able to email the members to ask them to take a shift in one of the events. I’ve made a notebook for future leaders so I can pass on the work as the leader and get them to smoothly transfer the work.

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